Just for Fun – Sheep Swarm

1 Jun

I’m sitting in a cafe near the Santa Maria della Vittoria, home of Bernini’s famous Saint Teresa in Ecstasy statue.  A client cancelled at the last minute, so I accompanied Alessandro, by scooter, to his meeting downtown.  I can imagine (well, actually, know for sure) that to him, riding around Rome’s twisted, decaying cobblestone streets is a chore to be endured.  But for me, I still have a huge grin on my face during this amazing commute.  I’m in Rome!

But I actually just wanted to make quick post about our little scooter adventure yesterday.  In about the same amount of time that it takes us to drive into centro from our home in one direction, we can drive in the opposite direction and be completely in the countryside (about 20 minutes each way).  While riding down a deserted countryside road, we turned a corner and discovered it was actually rush hour! We were literally in a sea of freshly shorn sheep. And here’s what that feels like to be swarmed by sheep:

That’s it.  No deep insight or philosophical musing! Just sheep (and a horse).


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