An post-script to my “coffee at the Italian office vs work ethic” post

8 Sep

Conveniently following my post the other day, which muses about the impact of coffee on the work ethic of Italians, I happened to have my first business meeting in Italy at an office.

The woman there kindly asked if we would care for an espresso or a cappuccino.  We choose the cappuccino…and within a few minutes a lovely man, wonderfully attired in the elegant clothes of an Milanese barista arrived with a tray; presenting our cappuccinos in cups and saucers.  Apparently they don’t have a coffee maker in the office, it is hand-delivered from the bar across the street.

I was so amazed that I neglected to take a picture, but really, you should have seen it – especially if you’ve become accustomed to office-standard lukewarm coffee in plastic cups served with non-dairy creamer.

The upshot is that I

Thoughtfully covered in foil to keep it piping hot for the 2 minute delivery time.

think I would order coffee all the time while at work – although I am not sure it would improve my productivity!



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