The dilemma

4 Jun

Me, moments before almost being homeless for the night

What would you do if you were all alone in a country, didn’t speak the language so well, and just broke off the key to the storage case on your scooter, inside the lock, as darkness starts to fall? And of course, you’ve already placed your purse inside with your keys, wallet and phone? What’s more, since the numbers of everyone you know in Italy are on auto dial, you’re not even sure of your boyfriend’s number (who is incidentally staying with his kids at their beach house, over night).

Fortunately I didn’t have to find out tonight since, although the storage case was closed, the lock didn’t fully engage.

But, I would have smashed the case with a big rock.

By the way, one thing is Italy that gets an enthusiastic “dislike” from me is the lock situation.  I have lived and traveled in cities all over the world, and have never been so vexed.  It takes 3 keys to get through my front door – requiring an elaborate choreography that includes turning one archaic skeleton key about 50 times. 1 key to get in the front door of the building, 2 keys to get out of the garage, another 2 keys to get into our parking stall and a card key to get into, and out of, the garage structure itself.

It’s no wonder my key-turning strength may have become over developed in the last month.


2 Responses to “The dilemma”

  1. Francisca June 5, 2011 at 12:19 am #

    Uuuhh… before grabbing the rock, I might have grabbed the next teenager I saw and have him/her pick the lock… No? Well, kidding aside, I’d charade my problem with a smile to the next friendly face I saw and have full faith that the problem would get solved. That’s how I survived 26 years of living in Asia… ;-

    • A Life in Rome... June 5, 2011 at 10:16 am #

      Love the attitude cisca! I’ve always found that people are so willing to lend a hand to a stranger in need, and that these circumstances are the source of great stories and adventures.

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