La Mia Picola Casa

13 May

Those of you who know me in Toronto may have heard me saying some not-so-nice things about my new flat in Rome.  It is true that it’s small; and far, far away from the famous sights of the Enternal City. And Alessandro and I required a heart-to-heart to convince him to give up a fair share of his closet space (we are still negotiating on shoe space). However; returning this trip with the intention of moving in, I’ve developed a new perspective and fondness for my little oasis.  Sure, I’d still rather have a dishwasher in the kitchen than a bidet in the bathroom, but I’ve realized there are many ways in which my new home mi piace (pleases me).  Here are 8 things for a start:

1) It comes with a live-in Italian chef.

2) Sunsets from the neighborhood look like this:

3) The road I live along, Nomentana, was an important ancient Roman road that once led through the Colline Gate (Porta Collina). Porta Collina was allegedly built by # 6 of the 7 kings of Rome in about 550 BC, pre-dating the republic of Rome and centuries before the Roman Empire; and was the site of an important civil battle in 80 BC, just before the era of Julius Caesar. Although its possible that today’s road has not been widened in 2,500 years since its inception, it’s thrilling to imagine who walked along its path. There are actually ancient Roman ruins in a neighborhood park nearby, casually ignored. “Yeah, we know, MORE of these piles of stones from antiquity, yawn…” No plaque, no marking in a tour guide, they look like remnants of a guard post overlooking the countryside, protecting Rome from barbarian invaders like me.  I’ll get a picture up shortly.

4) Careening on the back of a speeding scooter swerving through traffic to get anywhere reminds me of my reckless youth in Taiwan.

5) There is a great place to hoop.  I’ve come to realize that open green space is quite rare in Rome and deeply appreciate that this is right at my doorstep.  Beyond having room to hoop, I require time in nature to calm and restore myself.  Besides, the neighbors appear to be curious, but not hostile, about the hooping antics.

6) I’m in Rome!

7) The wall of night-blooming jasmine that surrounds the building.  The fragrance precipitates an instant swoon walking in or out of the apartment, and wafts seductively up to our terrace on the 3rd floor. Mmmmmmm. All fences and walls should be made of jasmine flowers.

And #8: my love lives here:


One Response to “La Mia Picola Casa”

  1. Sunset May 13, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    Very good to hear your appreciation for your living space… and you’re hooping in green space. ALL IS GOOD then.

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