The Eternal City Remains

12 May

As you may have already heard, the dire predictions of an earthquake wiping Rome off the face of the planet on May 11 appear to have been unfounded. According to news reports, there were over 20 instances of minor earthquake activity in Italy prior to noon, but this is normal (!). The main damage, sparked by an alleged prediction by an Italian scientist Raffaele Bendandi dead for over 30 years, was likely caused to the economy by 20% of the Roman work force not showing up for work.  Additionally, apparently the Italian weather bureau received many calls from the public inquiring what time the earthquake would occur.

Although those who are familiar with the writings of Raffaele Bendandi state that he actually made no such predictions, sadly enough there was an earthquake yesterday in southern Spain that took the lives of 5 people.  According to Alessandro (who makes no claims of actual scientific expertise) the ruins and catacombs that perforate Rome’s foundation actually form a sort of shock absorber that can prevent the worst of potential earthquake damage.

While the eternal city remains safe, I experienced my own seismic state yesterday. I felt myself suddenly in a panic about my own financial foundation in Rome.  It is clear that many Romans not working for governmental or international agencies exist in a state of constant anxiety about their financial future.  Many well-qualified people have been laid off in recent years, and have spent months or years out of work, while others remain unpaid for work done.  You can see many examples of people trying in any way they can to grab or supplement an income – posting ads for rides to the airport on lightposts, or teaching Italian to foreigners on Craigslist.  Sensitive soul that I am, I found myself infected by this atmosphere, threatening to spin into a spiral of anxiety.

Over the last few years I have come to understand that brewing in a state of anxiety is not the most productive place for me to be.  I possess an active mind that likes to problem-solve, but when it gets into panic mode, very little of its output is actually productive.

So, I came home, strapped on my headphones and spent a half-hour immersing myself in a theta meditation – my secret weapon when I need to radically shift my mental state.  It’s astonishing how listening to the sound of rain for 30 minutes can exorcise irrational fears and unproductive though patterns, but it works like magic for me.  Afterwards, I found myself with a relaxed and peaceful mind – much more fertile ground for creative thoughts and action!

Ready to return to the job of securing gainful employment – or independent wealth – I’m open to either!  🙂


2 Responses to “The Eternal City Remains”

  1. Liz May 12, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    Italians calling the weather bureau….LOVE IT!

    I can’t remember if we have talked about Esther & Jerry Hicks…I am due to listen to them since I am in a similar anxiety state about getting an admin assistant (“it’s hard to get good help” “no one can do it the way I can” etc.)

    The deification of the “statali” is even stronger now I’m sure…hang on to your vision of prosperity!

    • A Life in Rome... May 12, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

      Grazie Bella – you are an inspiration to me, and I have been remembering & practicing what you’ve told me about them. The VORTEX!!

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