My First Day in Rome

7 May

On my first full day in Rome, it’s one of those perfect late spring days where the air is soft and the sun is gentle. The kind of weather that has been completely MIA in Toronto for the last month.  Sadly for me — in the midst of my red-eye flight yesterday from Washington to Rome, I came down with an excruciatingly sore throat. I sent Alessandro off to the beach with his kids, and slept until 2 PM. Healed with an impressive combination of Reiki, herbal medicine and antibiotics I’m making a swift recovery and can see a night licking gelato on the Spanish steps in my immediate future.  And yes, you can buy antibiotics over the counter in Rome, which was a relief since as far as I don’t think OHIP works in Rome.

Yesterday immediately upon arrival at Fumicino, we met Alessandro’s friend of over 20 years, Stefano.  He has a 49-foot sailboat moored at a club along the Tiber river where it opens into the Ostia Antica, where we sat in the sunshine and sipped drinks.  This was thrilling as:

1) I adore sailboats and although his was drydocked for the moment (I wonder why you need to drydock in a place where the water never freezes?) we have an invitation for a future sail.  In the Mediterranean Sea.  I am swooning.

2) I’ve been immersing myself in ancient Roman history to prepare for my relocation, mainly through the wonderful podcast, The History of Rome. It’s a bit daunting to know that the river you are lounging along was the route that ancient emperors probably took from Rome to the sea, and that the grain from Egypt to feed Rome for centuries traveled this route.  The port of Ostia Antica appears to have been founded in the earliest days of Rome (620 BC), by the 4th King of Rome.

Unfortunately my increasingly painful sore throat curtailed what was a magical morning and by the time we got to our flat I was in so much pain that I was crying.  But Alessandro was a superstar and nursed me back to health.

Tomorrow we are going to join the American Club in Rome for a park clean up day. Memories of Summerhill Group 🙂 !


One Response to “My First Day in Rome”

  1. Caroline C May 9, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure… im grateful to be apart of this love journey… graci bella!!

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